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5 Factors that influence the cost of roof Repairs

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Today we will talk about the five factors that influence the cost of your roof repair. The cost of a roof repair can add up, but a leak in your ceiling doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are some of the top five factors that influence the cost of your repairs. 

1. Roof Repair Scope 

How much work you’re doing to your roof or the scope of the repairs project plays a pivoting role in how much your roof repairs cost. Expect a detailed scope of prepared work to break down the state of your work. The work requires the materials, a warranty, a timeline, and a payment schedule.

2. Roof Type & Material

Do you have a pitched or a flat roof? Are there shingles up there, or is your roof made of metal? Your roof style and material type are key players in how much repairs will cost. 

3. Size of the Damaged Area 

If your roof is larger, it will add up to more hours of Labor and more materials. If your roof is smaller and the scope repair required is the same, it should cost less than a larger roof to determine a rate for your job. Roofers use a number called a roofing square. They find this number by measuring the roof’s square footage and dividing it by 100. 

4. Water Damage

Water damage isn’t always immediately visible. Your roofer may give you a scope of work, but then when they start removing the roof, they may find existing water damage that they didn’t account for. If this is the case, you should expect water damage to add to the cost of your Roofing repairs.

5. Roof Accessibility

Depending on how close your house is to a good area to unload and offload materials or to load up old shingles and debris could directly impact the cost of replacing your roof. 

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