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Roofing Warranties

Hi, I’m Kyle with Abernathy Roofing and Construction. Today I want to talk about the importance of roofing warranties when you’re choosing what product to put on your roof and the contractor you use. Make sure that you check into their warranties and do a little deeper dive. There are a lot of people that need help understanding the differences in roofing warranties. Most manufacturers only offer you a true 10-year full warranty, and they start pro-rating very heavily. They won’t cover the labor to tear off or re-install in the event of a claim.

With Abernathy, you get a 50-year non-prorated full warranty. It is transferable one time. It also covers workmanship for 25 years, which most companies do not and cannot offer. That’s very important because many claims are denied because of bad workmanship. So don’t sell yourself short. Call us today, Abernathy Roofing and Construction, at 417-540-4411.

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