Tips for homeowner’s on filing a roof claim

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Looking to file a roof claim with your insurance company? Here are some tips on the best way to go about it.

Assess the Damage

Call an expert who can assist with the entire process. If you suspect roof damage from a storm, your entire home, not just the roof needs to be inspected. You’ll want to know the scope of the damage when you contact your insurer to start a claim.

Review Your Insurance Policy

The first good step in making a roof claim under insurance is understanding your policy. There’s no point going to battle for coverage that you never had. For example, is the roof damage covered, or did you choose to exclude wind and hail damage? Is your coverage for replacement cost or actual cash value?

Be Prompt

Time is of the essence when dealing with a roof claim. Be sure to act fast to avoid insurance companies claiming wear and tear, or it not being within your policy’s set time limit to file a claim.

Keep a Log of Correspondence

What starts as a seemingly simple claim could blow up into a nightmare. You’ll be glad if you kept records from the start, including photos, who you spoke to, and when and what they told you.

If you have questions, contact us and we are glad to help!

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