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Is Solar really worth it?

Solar Installation Joplin, MO

Hi Shawn, here again with Abernathy Roofing, and I’m with Kyle Burch, general manager. We get asked a lot of times, is solar really worth it? There are so many marketing gimmicks out there. Is solar free? The answer is no, solar is not free, but it pays for itself, and you’re paying towards something instead of your electric bill. So, if you’re paying a $200 payment to your electric bill every month, but now you can get solar and say it’s $180, it saves you a little bit of money every month. But at some point, that’s going to be paid off. So, no, it’s not free, but it’s something you’re going to spend the money on anyway. Now you have something to show for it and save a ton of money in the long run.

So basically, solar replaced the money I was already spending on electricity anyway, right? It didn’t cost you anything out of pocket. It’s just switching your monthly payment. Like if you’re switching from AT&T to Verizon, it’s the same difference. Now you’re renting instead of owning. If you were going to buy a car, or would you ever think about getting the same payment, would you ever think about going and renting a car every day if you could get the same payment to buy a car? That’s what you’re doing with electricity versus solar, right? What about all of the advertisements they were constantly seeing on Facebook, the free giveaways for solar?

There’s free this free that free generated free money. Are those really real? Are they giving those away for free? You can give away whatever you want, but it’s built-in somewhere. There’s nothing that’s 100% free. So, when they have those kinds of gimmicks or will make your payment for a year, what they’re doing is they’re just adding that extra cost into the overall system, and you’re still financing it anyway. There are many different options and ways to make it work for you. But you shouldn’t get caught up in all the gimmicks and all the advertising. You know, there’s nothing free. So, when companies talk about giving out free generators. It’s not really free. It’s built into your overall cost somewhere.

We’ll be happy to disclose everything. We’re 100% transparent and want people to make educated decisions and decide what works best for them. Contact us to learn more.

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