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Is Solar The Right Fit for Me?

Solar Installation Joplin, MO

Hi, my name’s Shawn with Abernathy Roofing and Construction. How do I know if solar is the right fit for me? Due to the growing popularity of solar, you may be wondering if solar is right for you.

Here are some questions to help you determine whether solar is a good fit for you and your home.

How much do you spend on electricity?

Many factors determine how much you can save with solar, but none are as impactful as what you currently spend on electricity. The simple answer is the more electricity you use and the more you pay for it, the more you can save.

What kind of home do you live in, and do you own it?

The other biggest factor in determining whether you are a good fit for solar is the type of home that you live in and whether you own or rent your home. In general, it’s much more difficult to install solar panels on your home if you don’t own the property.

Is your roof suitable for solar?

A few key factors influencing whether your roof is suitable for solar are age, material, and space. Since solar material systems last for three decades, if your roof is near the end of its lifetime, it’s worth considering replacing it before installing it. If your roof is already in great condition, solar panels can help extend the life of the portion of your roof that they cover. You can install solar panels on nearly any roof material, but some materials are easier to install than others. Two of the more difficult roofing materials to install on are slate and wood due to how brittle they are. Large wide open spaces are the best fitting for most solar panels; still, even if you have limited space, you might be able to install a smaller number of high-efficiency panels to produce as much power as you can with the space available.

Can you take advantage of solar incentives?

Many state utilities and even cities offer financial incentives for going solar to help quicken the payback period for your solar investment. If you live somewhere with these incentives, you should consider solar. The best financial incentive for solar is the federal investment tax credit or ITC.

If you have any questions about the federal tax incentive or any rebates that your utility company might be offering, please give us a call. We’d be happy to help.

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