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Why Choose local vs. national for my roof?

Hi, I’m Shawn with Abernathy Roofing and Construction. Why use a local company vs. a national one? Wondering why choosing a local roofing company is your best option?

With a local company, you can expect service tailored to your needs to a national company; you might be a number on their list of jobs. Reliable, reputable national chains may market themselves well but do they live up to their claims and promises? When you choose local, you can get real reviews from community members. A sense of community using a local company means you’re supporting members of your community, and many companies also give back to the same communities they serve. Local companies will always be there when you need them. National or out-of-state roofing companies may not be around when something goes wrong.

So when deciding on Local vs. National choose local, so if something does go wrong, they are only one call away, and the next time you need a local roofing contractor, give Abernathy a call.

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